claim procedures and status

to learn how to submit a claim, please click here.

a claim status report is now available on-line to enable you to check on the progression of your appeals.  a division 659 file number is assigned to each claim. please refer to these file numbers when questioning claims.    

a copy of division 659’s claim appeal form , is available here and can be filled in or printed.  we ask that you complete one of these for each appeal you submit to the local chairman together with a copy of the claim remarks and the denial remarks from ns payroll and mail the information to the local chairman or, slide it through the top slot of locker no. 82 at bison yard office.

meal periods

management in buffalo, from time to time, exhibits confusion over their obligations to provided each road crew (remember, all jobs in buffalo are in road service) with a timely meal period!  though i believe a mutual understanding has been reached in these regards, click here to see a more detailed discussion of this most basic right. both the engineer's and trainman's agreement have specific language regarding meals for road trains. the meal period must be requested by a member of the crew.

keep in mind that the ly and penalty slips are just that - penalties. as outlined in various board awards, the rights of a train crew are to be put to lunch in a clean and sanitary environment. failure to do so results in a monetary penalty to the carrier.

through freight pool service

run / pool mileage engineer
trip rate
flip trip
trip rate
flip trip
buffalo - binghamton unassigned
(hb/st bb)
217 $346.19 no flip trip $310.27 no flip trip
buffalo - toledo
(pb/le ba)
300 $497.47 no flip trip $431.75 no flip trip

local traveling switcher service

run / pool engineer
daily rate
engineer overtime rate conductor
trip rate
overtime rate
buffalo local traveling switcher
(hb/bl bt or bs)
$231.92 $43.49 $227.08
utility conductor
(hb/bl ub)
n/a n/a $203.53 $38.16

(as of 01-01-2011)

locomotive engineer pay rates

engineers in through freight service – effective january 1, 2007.

           engineers in local and yard service – effective january 1, 2007.

           engineers in 6 or 7 day local and way freight service – effective january 1, 2007.

locomotive engineer trainee pay rates

lake region hub let agreement

sample claims

        air tests and adding / removing ground airlines  

  crew consist violations (locking up switches for foreign railroad)

demoted engineer mishandled (not called in seniority order for engineer work)

difference in pay in pool positions when stepped up

make up pools (mu) (not deadheaded after 16 hours)

           meal period late or not afforded

           overmiles run in through freight service

          used off of assigned territory