hours of service issues

though the federal hours of service law has been in effect since 1906 with no major revisions during the past thirty years, this law continues to be re-interpreted with new applications and rules being issued on a continuing basis. the federal railroad administration is responsible for administering the enforcement of this public law. in this area, we will attempt to connect you through links to all of the current interpretations.

the quick and easy reference for train and engine (t&e) service employees are as follows:

a crew is on duty 14 - hours and 25 - minutes, 2 - hours and 25 - minutes past the statutory 12 - hour mandate. 2 - hour and 25 - minutes additional rest will be added onto the crews rest for a total of 12 - hours and 25 - minutes of undisturbed rest from mark off.

click here to read the complete codified as outlined by the code of federal regulations, title 49, part 228.

click here for the complete hours of service compliance manual for freight operations (december 2013)...all 329 pages of it! this manual explains, with diagrams, the complete meaning of the hours of service law as it is applied to all crafts within the rail industry.