brotherhood of locomotive engineers
division 899

designated supervisor of locomotive engineers agreement

norfolk southern corporation                   kenneth j. brien 

three commercial place                         director 

norfolk, virginia 23510-2191                   labor relations 

                                               (757) 629-2453

march 1, 2000

mr. w. e. knight                         mr. s. d. speagle 

general chairman, ble                    general chairman, ble 

p.o. box 279, south street               p.o. box 4509 

wheelersburg, oh 45694                   decatur, il 62521

mr. r. c. wallace 

general chairman, ble 

p.o. box 16039 

asheville, nc 28816


this refers to our discussion regarding the use of locomotive 

engineers to perform annual monitoring of locomotive engineers 

in accordance with fra part 240 and the periodic monitoring 

of locomotive engineer trainees. engineers used in this capacity 

will not be responsible for the final qualification of engineer trainees.

it was agreed that the ble local chairman and division road 

foreman would select mutually agreeable engineer volunteers. 

the selected engineers will be used on an as needed basis and be 

compensated at a rate of $240 per day in addition to reasonable 

and customary expenses for lodging, travel and meals while 

performing the functions referred to above. if this accurately reflects 

your understanding please so indicate by signing in the space 

provided below.

very truly yours,



w. e. knight, general chairman, ble


s. d. speagle, general chairman, ble


r. c. wallace, general chairman, ble

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