pacific harbor line

in early 1995 trackage that belonged to the former southern pacific and santa fe railroads in the ports of los angeles and long beach was sold to a proposed switching carrier called the pacific harbor line (phl).

part of the owners of the phl had negotiated agreements on other shortlines prior to 1995 with the blet. these owners contacted the blet and discussed the proposed switching operation and offered to set down and negotiate an agreement contingent on the actual start-up of the railroad. this agreement was negotiated and finally signed on november 30, 1995. on the date there were no (zero) employees of any craft or class.

the railroad indicated that when it did commence operations, that all employees would be designated engineer and assistant engineer. at no time were there ever any employees in train service.

almost 2 1/2 years transpired before the actual start up of this operation. the agreement that was signed was placed in effect by the phl as agreed to in 1995. at the time of the initial start-up in februarary 1998, the railroad had a total of five (5) employees.

the railroad indicated that possibly at some point in time, they might consider remote control operations within the ports loading and unloading container ship facility once their infrastructure was completed. therefore the blet wanted to protect the existing jobs for the engineers on those designated assignments if it ever became a reality. (the blet did not want dock workers, longshoremen, laborers etc., to replace locomotive engineers by moving locomotives with a remote control device) currently, there are no remote control assignments on the phl property.