the brotherhood of locomotive engineers and trainmen (blet) continuously is under attack by the united transportation union (utu), a labor organization that is currently not affiliated with the afl - cio, due to unfair labor practices. so often does the utu "flip - flop" their stories, that first vice president ed rodzwicz addressed this disturbing issue in an article entitled, "...will the real paul thompson please stand up".

some of the issues that the utu has put a "spin", falsely reporting the issue, are listed below. draw your own conclusion after reading the facts!

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utu gives away crew consist! (05-31-2005) - the spin doctors are working overtime within the utu union pacific committees. on friday, may 27, 2005, the utu, a predominate bus drivers union, announced that because they are so concerned about crew consist, a negotiated agreement to ensure crew manning and work for only pre - 85 not post - 85 hirees, gave it way and is pushing for a single craft! that is to say, the utu, the alleged "leader in transportation", wants to do away with the crafts of engineer and trainman and opt for one craft of operating employee. sounds like someone is giving in to section 6 notices of the national railway labor conference (scroll below to read the complete section 6 notices served by the carriers to labor).

first attempts by the utu to consolidate crafts into one was in 1999, but was thwarted by an arbitrators decision rendering that "the conditions here present do not support an order for the board to impose a single craft or class." . click here to read the utu article!

ns northern general committee spells out the facts! (03-10-2005) - the rumor mill continues to churn as the utu spin doctors work overtime! to assist in "clearing the smoke out of the room" and understand exactly what the blet wants to do, the ns northern gca issued a letter of fact dated march 10, 2005 for your review.

ns general committees commitment to the pre '85 trainman (03-08-2005) - to set the record straight on several of the utu's spin on the truth, the three ns general committees of adjustment have put their words in writing and under signature! trying to stir up controversy regarding the protection of pay provisions and crew consist agreements applicable to the pre 1985 hiree, the ns gca have clarified this issue by releasing a statement dated march 8, 2005. employees hired prior to november 1, 1985, due to the utu's infamous "halloween agreement", enjoy certain protection and monetary benefits for selling out and abolishing the brakeman (amongst other things), that aren't entitled to post '85 hirees.

they did it again! utu given the boot on wheeling & lake erie (7-28-2004) trainmen on the wheeling and lake erie railroad have voiced their conviction and voted to be represented by the afl - cio affiliated brotherhood of locomotive engineers and trainmen, a division of the rail conference of the international brotherhood of teamsters! represented by the ns, the w&le is part of the ns - northern lines general committee of adjustments! to read more on this extraordinary event in rail labor history, click here!

utu given the boot on cp-rail (2-10-2004) a raid by the utu on a legal holiday caught the outnumbered former canadian ble members (1700 engineers to 2800 trainmen) off guard, but the newly formed teamsters canada rail conference (tcrc) of the international brotherhood of teamsters came out on top of a difficult battle. not seeking to battle the utu, 2800 additional brothers and sisters will now be represented by the tcrc. to read more on this extraordinary event in rail labor history, click here!