vehicle discounts for ns employees

several automobile manufacturers now offer the ns employee discounts on new purchases and leases. for complete details, click on the manufacturer below:


various selected vehicles

use code s70832 to obtain control number or call (888)444-4321

ford motor company

includes ford, land rover, lincoln, mazda, mercury and volvo

use partner code b9zyk or call (877)-xplan-00 [(877) 975-2600]

general motors corporation

includes chevrolet, gm, gmc and saab

log onto website to obtain a personal authroization number. use ns company code 857447 or call (800) 960-3375

the gm supplie discount program has been expanded to include:

  • mortgage program
  • gm extended family credit card
  • discounted gmac insurance (home and auto)
  • real estate and moving service discounts
  • gmac eduction loans!

hyundai motor company

new vehicles only

for application, click above and follow insturctions. use code cid# 918799

mitsubishi motor company

new vehicles only

click above and enter password: mitsu424 and follow the directions or call (877) 386-8754

nissan motor company

new vehicles only

vehicle purchase program call (800)299-4753 or click above

subaru motor group

new vehicles and vip programs

click above and enter your e-mail address or call (800) 847-0933

vw logo

enter ns company code 1013pb and your name. take your certificate to a dealer and receive your discount.

you may call vw at 1-248-754-5600 with any questions.